The most important role in government is that of ensuring the protection of its citizens, even the smallest. Nathan is pro-life and will ensure all are well represented, even those still in the womb.


Missourians know how to make the best decisions possible for themselves when it comes to their health. The government is too involved in healthcare, more involvement results in poorer care. The government should scale back its involvement and let the free market do what it does best, promote competition. Nathan will support legislation for better healthcare, at a lower cost through lesser regulations.

Law Enforcement

The brave men and women who risk their lives day in and day out to protect us, our communities, our families, and our property. All law enforcement deserve to have our appreciation for everything they do. Nathan backs law enforcement, state, and local in support of the crucial work they perform.

Second Amendment

A certain right granted to the citizens by the Bill of Rights, one that should not be infringed. Nathan has been a supporter of gun rights Protecting oneself and one’s family is a fundamental right. Many Missourians choose to own firearms for protection, for hunting, and for other sporting purposes. The right to do so is enshrined in both the United States and Missouri Constitutions. As a member of the NRA and supporter of responsible firearm ownership, Nathan will continue the fight to protect and preserve our Second Amendment.


In Lawrence county, sometimes our schools are our communities. We show our support, we value its importance. Nathan knows the value of a strong school system, as a graduate of the public school system, he knows first-hand the struggles of teachers, school boards, and working together for the betterment of our youth. He stands in support of having a strong school system.

Pro-farm and small business

Missouri is in the breadbasket for the world and Lawrence county is the #1 cow/ calf producer for the state. Farmers are the essence of small business, and rolling back regulations perpetuate the economic engine. Our farmers live on the land and survive from its bounty. Tragically instead of thinking about providing for their families, ranchers and farmers are focused on complying with costly and unnecessary laws. Nathan stands up against those regulations, so farmers and small business owners can focus on theirs.

Fiscal responsibility

As citizens, we ensure our finances are in order, our checkbooks are balanced. The state government is no different, if there is a shortfall, instead of burdening the taxpayers for the irrational decisions of the state legislature Nathan will be a strong voice to keep our government spending within its means. Nathan believes job creation and wise spending as an alternative to cutting funding to vital programs. Nathan will be a force for economic expansion and fiscal responsibility to keep money local.


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