Nathan Bowen, a conservative is running for state representative in Missouri’s 157th district, Lawrence County. He has always considered Lawrence County home, even while attending college. He was born and raised in Pierce City, in a family rich in civic legacy with small-town values.

Nathan’s parents taught him the values of family, patriotism, hard work, and faith. They taught him to always do the right thing, especially when no one is looking, and nourished ideas of civic duty, how to help others, and be a devout Christian.

During his formative years, he was a part of boy scouts. In addition to long-lasting friendships, the need to perform civic duties was solidified. All through his years of public school at Pierce City, he worked making things around him better, this allowed him to attend American Legion Missouri Boys State as a standout high school delegate.

Nathan worked while attending college, graduating with a B.A. in political science, his hopes were law school. However, in his last year of college, his father had several operations and resulted in total disability. As family is important to him, he stayed home to help with running the household.

He turned his efforts locally, joined the Lawrence County Republican Central Committee, worked on numerous election efforts. After years of his father’s steady improvement, Nathan left his long time job and pursued his passion of helping people, this time in insurance. Here he works to help things go right, if things go wrong as an independent multi-line agent.

During his free time he likes to explore the Ozarks, fishing and spending time with family. Nathan is a member of St. Stephens Church.


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